Expanding Medical Assistance in Dying Laws

Since June 2016 Canadian law has allowed for eligible Canadians to request medical assistance in dying (commonly know as MAID). In September 2019 the Superior Court of Quebec declared certain eligibility requirements for MAID to be unconstitutional. As a result, the government of Canada introduced Bill C-7 which proposes certain amendments to MAID designed to […]

Estate Trustee’s Duties: Funeral Arrangements and Disposition of the Body

It’s important to know that including burial and funeral arrangements in your Will does not make them legally binding. An estate trustee has many important duties including making funeral and burial arrangements for the deceased. While there are no property rights to a human body, an estate trustee has a right to possession of the […]

COVID-19: Remote Commissioning

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of our community including changes to our legal system. One of which is remote commissioning. Commissioning is the process whereby a commissioner, such as a lawyer, takes an oath or declaration from a person (the deponent) who signs a sworn document such as an affidavit. The deponent must swear […]